Cosmos SDP

COSMOS SDP is an open Service Delivery Platform designed to enable rapid delivery of interactive speech and multimedia services. Multiple applications can be deployed on the common platform and delivered to end users from all different service network domains such as PSTN, 2G Mobile, 3G and NGN. Service providers are able to foster service innovations as the open platform exposes the underlying telecom resources to large developer community in a controlled and regulated environment.

Call Centre

UCS Call Center module is an add-on to the Link UCS. The UCS Call Center module is designed to make campaign for incoming calls and outgoing calls.

Telecom Cloud Service

IVR hosting, Fax-to-email, hosted IP-PBX, hosted call centre,…etc



There are different form factors for Link UCS appliance, depends on the scale and needs.

Why Cosmact?


We have confidence in delivering superior results to our customers because of:

  • Years of product development and project deployment experience in different mission critical solutions
  • Possessing of various intellectual properties, including patented technologies and platform source codes
  • Possessing of technological know-how and experience in large scale distributed, high availability system architecture
  • Expertise in internet and next generation telecommunication network
  • Extensive experience and know-how in call flow processing and media processing including IVR, speech recognition, text-to-speech, fax, conference and video
  • Experienced project management skill with adoption of PRICE methodology